Mission Statement

ROSELCO is committed to excellence in electrical engineering.

We strive to provide safe industrial environment where our products are challenged to attain its maximum potential. Conscientiousness in relations with customers, substantial level of design and quality of the power electronic converting subsystems, close cooperation with our clients during after-maintenance period allowed our Company not only survive during industrial reduction in Russia but withstand the rivals and increase the output of products for the local market.

Today the personnel of the Company primarily aims to expand the presence of the company on new markets offering new products meeting world recognized standards of quality, aims to produce stable quality products within strict dates of delivery with after-sale installation, technical assistance, modernization and consultancy.

The basic tactic in solving the main goal are nonstop measures of improving the qualifications of each employee according to quality systems which superlatively meet the regulations of international standards ISO-9000.

The entire personnel's understanding that improving the quality of products is within the sphere of functioning and responsibilities of not only managing personnel but each of employee of the Company will let us come up to customers' expectations and confidence and will guarantee steady progress of the Company and heighten the prosperity of each employee.

Director general, Nicholas Plyshevski

History in brief

Public Joint Stock Company "ROSELCO" was established in 1993 on the premises of workshop producing semiconductor converting devices which was a former part of the industrial amalgamation "UralEnergoTsvetMet". The Company incorporated semiconductor converter workshop, design department, functional services carrying out production, bookkeeping, quality control and marketing departments.

The team of professionals is proud of its achievements. Here are some of them. In 1966 the workshop launched its first static semiconductor starters for synchronous motors. Then the workshop started the production line of thyristor converters used for general purpose with industrial D.C. electric drives, exciters for drilling rigs and shovels, exciters for A.C. drives connected in the asynchronous converter-fed motors on stage circuit. In 1973 the workshop produced a converter to feed up copper electrolyzers with periodically reversed current which is still in operation at the "UralElectroMed" integrated copper smelter here in Ekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk Region. Then it was the most high-power thyristor convertor made in former USSR.

During next 20 years hundreds of units of converting equipment have been produced for prime enterprises all over the country: aluminum smelters in the cities of Volkhov, Bratsk, Kamensk-Uralsky, Sayanogorsk; nickel smelters in Norilsk, Orsk; chemical & metallurgical plants in Donetsk, Podolsk, Krasnouralsk; Chelyabinsk Electrolyte Zink Smeltery; Chimkent lead-zink factory, Leninogorsky polymetal complex, Zaporozhsky titanium & magnesium complex, as well as various customers from Poland, Czechoslovakia, Turkey, China, Mongolia.

The most important feature of our technical policy is permanent search of priority directions in sphere of manufacturing the converting equipment and creating samples of equipment of new generation with improved consuming properties and parameters.

By the end of 2002 we produced more than 500 units of saturable reactors, 400 rectifying sets, introduced 25 systems of current stabilization of electrolysers. We practice the routine cooperation with our partners in Russia delivering us inventory materials on order and with partners of such prime companies as "ABB", "Siemens", "Semikron", "Ferraz-Schawmut".

We are proud to receive ISO 9001 Certificate of Compliance in 1999 which is applicable to design, production, testing, installation, adjusting and after guaranty service of converting equipment.