A.C. & D.C. Drives

Thyristor control stations for low-voltage induction motors


Intended for soft starting of induction motors with starting current limitation to a preset value, braking, as well as for OFF – switching (protection) of the motors in case of incomplete phase operating conditions, short circuit currents, overloads, etc. 

Starting is carried out as a function of the starting current limitation followed by starter shunting by a contactor; control stations ensure arc – free OFF – switching of the shunt contactor.

Design features

Control station consists of:

  • input automatic circuit breaker;
  • thyristor starter;
  • shunt contactor;
  • dynamic braking device;
  • control panels of gate valve drives;
  • special device for starter operation as a stand – by frequency converter;
  • automation facilities according to Customer's specifications;
  • additional switching devices.

Can be outfitted with a remote control panel (desk) per several control stations.

Main specifications

Parameter name Value
 Rated voltage of power circuit, V 380
 Frequency of supply mains, Hz 50,60
 Power rating,  kW 10 ÷ 1000
 Ratio of permissible thyristor starter current overloads 4
 Permissible duration of current overload, sec 60

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