Cooling & Heat Systems

Heat exchanging units with double loop "water-water"


Heat exchanging units are designed for cooling the semi – conductor converters and current conducting components of electric installations by deionized distilled water.


Heat exchangers incorporate the following main components:

  • bearing frame;
  • plate – type heat exchanger;
  • circulating pumps – main and stand – by;
  • stop pipeline valves;
  • instrumentation;
  • ion exchanging filter.

The plate type heat exchanger is actually a set of plates placed between the bearing and the pressure plates. The non – ferrous steel plates with projections form separate channels for two mediums, which participate in the process of heat exchange and move in counter – current flow. The inner loop – distilled deionized water, the outer loop – industrial water. Control and measurement of water temperature in both of the loops is assured by multi – channel digital meter. The system of monitoring and control ensures automatic changing – over to the stand – by pump, measuring temperature of the cooling water in as many as eight channels with information brought out by way of the built – in line adapter, forming the emergency opening signal in case of temperature rise above the set value in any of the channels.

Main specification

Parameter nameUnit type
HE–w/w–50 HE–w/w–75 HE–w/w–150
Output of removed heat losses, kW5075 150
Rated deionized water flow,  m3/hr 612,525
Rated industrial water flow,  m3/hr 8*10*16*
Power rating of circulating pump motor, kW2,22,25,5
Surface area to be cooled,  m2 3,45,110,2
Mass, kg390430550
Overall dimensions, mm1300×600×14001500×800×14001650×800×1400

*defined by industrial water parameters.

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