Rectifiers & D.C. Power Supply Systems

Low-voltage thyristor rectifiers for electroplating and electrolysis


Electroplating: galvanizing, tin – plating, chromium – plating, nickel – plating, blackening, silver – plating, etc. Plants for sewage water treatment, coagulation. Electrolysis of copper, gallium, magnesium dioxide, silver, etc. Regeneration of electrolyte – electrowinning.

Used in

– supplying customers with direct single– or different pole current;             
– forming the intricate current characteristics: pulse, reverse, etc.   

Main specifications

Parameter name Value
Primary voltage, kV 0,38 ÷ 10
Range of rated output currents of forward and reverse directions, A 100 ÷ 50000
Range of rated output voltages, V 0 ÷120
Range of output voltage variation, % 0 – 100
Cooling of thyristors*
  • natural air
  • forced air
  • water
Protection degree IP21 ÷IP54
Parameter to be stabilized Current; voltage; current density
Design mode
  • indoor
  • outdoor – containerized

Delivery set*:

  •   thyristor converter; 
  •   transformer;
  •   smoothing reactor;
  •   d.c. disconnector;
  •   heat exchanging unit «water – water» or «water – air»;
  •   direct current meter.

*to be agreed upon with the Customer

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